I started out photographing weddings in college for my friends when I was getting my photography degree. And I’ve kept that same mentality all through out my career. I look at the two of you and your guests like you are friends of mine and I hope you do the say. That is why I never charge by the hour. Because I’d never leave my friends wedding early. Or I would never charge my friends extra in order to stay longer. I am there capturing every moment from the time you start getting ready till the time you leave the reception, and sometimes after you leave even.

Your wedding memories will be timeless to you and I want your photos to be just as timeless. That is why I NEVER follow the photography trends. I will never use things like filters or other pre-programed ways to edit your photos that will make them look like every other photo being edited right now. I go through each and every photo and edit each one to be the best representation of that single frozen moment in time. I don’t want you to look at your photos 10 years from now and think how outdated it looks because no one edits photos like that anymore. I want your photos to be as timeless and be just how you remembered it. Something you will want to display for a life time.

I received my bachelor of fine arts degree in photography from the University of Washington in 2002 and have been photographing weddings professionally since 1999. Weddings isn’t all I do but it is what I am most known for. Having won best wedding photographer the two years in a row from Evening Magazine has been a tremendous honor.

Call me and lets set up a consultation if you like my work and get to know me in person. In the mean time check out the two videos below to get a feeling for my personality.

Jean-Marcus Strole