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Jean-Marcus Strole, which is pronounced Shawn-Marcus for those who have a hard time with the spelling and pronunciation, was born in the city of Uppsala, Sweden in 1977 (also the birthplace of the 1980’s MEGA rock group Europe who had such hits as “The Final Countdown. and hmmm, well that’s all that you really need to know as far as their music is concerned). His family decided to move to the land of opportunity (no, not the Ukraine) when he was a child. Being that it is a little hard to support yourself at the tender young age of seven, he decided that he should probably move with them and see what the U.S. had to offer, besides a country where you have a 37% chance of becoming a cult member. (Google it. It’s a real statistic.)

Jean-Marcus started the University of Washington in 1995 with a major in architecture. He quickly came to realize that architecture consisted of countless hours trapped in a dark room working to finish a single image. So instead he decided to switch over to photography so he could ,uhhh, well, spend countless hours trapped in a dark room working to finish a single image.

Most people spend four years of their life trying to get their degree. But that wasn’t good enough for Jean-Marcus. He decided to become an over achiever and spend SEVEN years in college (his student loan company is very grateful for that). He took as many art classes as possible including; photography, digital imaging, sculpture, metal casting, metal fabrication, jewelry design, ceramics, and a couple random courses like “Scandinavian Sexuality” just to become as well balanced as possible. I swear those last one is a real classes.

Ending his college life in 2002 (and inspiring the movie “Van Wilder”) he decided to put his Bachelor Of Fine Arts in photography to good use. He is now doing what he loves photographing commercials, weddings, fashion, models, and doing anything under the sun involving photography, just as long as it does not involve photographing someones kitten in a basket, or their kids dressed up as engineers. There really isn’t anything he isn’t interested in photographing so just go ahead and ask. The more random and out there the better. If he slaps you across the face you may finally have found something that he didn’t care for.

All facts in here stand to be tested and true in thirteen double blind clinical tests except for the statistic about becoming a cult member. But stand your guard for you never know when you may end up with a shaved head, wearing black Nike Cortez shoes, and drinking a pungent punch wondering why in the hell you decided to become a eunuch.

On a serious note…..

A professional photographer with 22 years of experience based in Seattle, but always willing to travel world wide in order to get the shot needed.


Let’s add your wedding, event, or commercial shoot to the map.

What Sets Jean-Marcus Apart…

Jean-Marcus has always valued his original and unique look at things. He is not a photographer that follows the trends like Instagram styled purchased filters which will look outdated within a few years. He wants each image to look as timeless and unique as the moment.