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I put together a little sizzler video of my last destination wedding that I photographed down in Mexico at the Azul Sensatori Resort Hotel just outside of Cancun in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

I love coming down several days in advance so that I can spend a lot of time with the couple, the wedding party, the family, and the friends.

I was so pleased with this wedding even though a big storm came through right after we did the couples beach photos. So the ceremony had to be under a patio and the reception was in the ballroom. Neither was ideal or what the bride and groom wanted, but we managed to still get some great photos and everyone was having so much fun dancing that they forgot about it. The free flowing tequila helps as well.

We even got chance to do a Trash The Dress photo shoot in the pool since the water was so murky. We had a blast together and I loved all the photos.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life as a Seattle Destination Wedding Photographer.


I recently did a road trip from Seattle down to Los Angeles to do some fashion photography. I wanted to just wing it and see what I came up with once I got down there.

I knew of the fashion designer Bri Seeley who’s stuff I have been seeing all over the place lately and I’ve always been a big fan of her stuff. So I knew that it would center around her designs.

On the way down I decided to make a bit of a detour out to Tokeland Washington where the wood artist Jeffro Uitto lives. I called him up and said I was going to swing by and see if he had any thing for me to incorporate into the shoot. He had two amazing hand carved masks that he had made. I knew I had to use them somehow because they were so impressive.

Once I got to Los Angeles I skimmed through Bri’s website again to see what her new Chrysalis collection had in it. The next morning I swung by Mannfolk Public Relations to make some selections. It was hard to do because there are so many that I loved.

Later that evening I scouted a few locations that one of my producer friends had recommended. One of them ended up being perfect and had several options for backgrounds. Plus the colors just went so well with the wood and the fabrics.

Early the next morning I was off before the sunrise to pick up the model Viktoria Belany. I loved her look and she had no problem being up before sunrise to do the shoot.

Sam Cheng is an aspiring photographer who I met at a destination wedding in Mexico who came to help out for the shoot. We got there at about 630 AM and managed to wrap it up by 830 AM. Everything went so well.


After my trip back from Australia I had an engagement shoot to do at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach California. So I decided to make an extended lay over and hang out instead of flying back again. Why not right.

It’s a really nice secluded beach with big waves, nice sands, over hanging cliffs, and more spots to shoot than I had close to time wise to photograph.

Originally they told me the last thing they wanted was some beach engagement photos at sunset. They liked movie posters, zombies, ninja turtles, and comic books. To which I thought awesome. Finally something original is gonna happen with these engagement photos.

We were going back and forth on ideas for the movie poster look and then the day before the shoot they hit me up and said they were thinking of just doing beach photos instead… AT SUNSET. Hahaha.

The 180 was hysterical but I can’t blame them because the beach was so nice and it was a gorgeous day out with a beautiful sunset.

This couple is hysterical I tell you. Never has there been so much “air humping” and innuendos flying back and forth on a shoot.

I am glad they are happy with the photos and got what they wanted, even though it wasn’t what they originally wanted.


This is a behind the scenes video of a professional photo shoot that I did for Gressa Skin. It shows the entire process from packing up at 5 AM and driving to find the perfect locations. Getting set up and working with the model Svetlana Sanchez, who also happens to be the owner of Gressa. And not only the entire shoot but also the editing that I did in Lightroom and Photoshop.

The photos turned out amazing and she did a great job modeling and listening to my suggestions. Even overcoming her fears of water by getting onto a floating log in the water.


Recently did a beauty and glamour shoot for no reason other than to have fun and get together with my hair and make up team. If we don’t do something for a bit we get antsy and needing a quick fix.

When I saw Morgan one day I spotted those crazy gorgeous eyes of hers and that frizzy hair and knew she would have to be part of the next shoot. Justine & Juan couldn’t have agreed more. She was a little hesitant since she had never modeled before. I saw the potential though and glad she agreed to it.

We glammed her up pretty good for the shoot but it’s not like she needed it. But we decided to really make those eyes pop by accentuating them even more. Mind you that’s her real eyes. No photoshopping done.

Poor Juan said he never wants to see another pair of wire hangers again though after those 3-4 hours of crimping.


A behind the scenes video of one of my latest beauty photo shoots. Model Kirsty Nicole came up from Portland Oregon to allow my makeup and hair team to turn her stark white and almost albino.

As you can see in the first photo displayed on screen which is the raw file straight from the camera and compared to the very next shot, I did very little photoshop to this photo. I like to keep my photos as true to life as possible. I did of course wash out her skin and hair, I blended out the tattoo a bit, and I shifted the color of her eyes to math her tattoo and give it a bit more of a true albino look.

I think it’s a strikingly beautiful photo and I love the way it turned out.