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Nicole G. – Destination Wedding

I have been browsing the forums while planning my upcoming destination wedding in The Bahamas this November.  I felt compelled to  write a review about my amazing photographer, Jean-Marcus Strole, BEFORE my actual wedding because he is that unique.  Hopefully anyone in need of a photographer will be lucky enough to read this and snag him for themselves!

I had originally contracted another photographer in The Bahamas (before discovering Jean-Marcus), who didn’t work out, due to scheduling conflicts.  BLESSING IN DISGUISE!! Thankfully, this issue forced me to expand my search to the US.  I live in New Jersey, and have a ton of friends who recommended their wedding photographers. But one of the perks of a destination wedding is not being limited to local vendors, so I just started browsing portfolios all over the country.  Well, one stood out among the rest; a photographer from Seattle.  As I viewed Jean-Marcus’ portfolio, I actually started to feel more educated about what I should be looking for in a wedding photographer.  His work is exquisite.  He’s artistic, creative and inspiring, with an amazing eye for detail and beauty.  Then I read his bio, and couldn’t help but smile.  He seemed too good to be true.  I remember thinking, “could he be THIS good, and THIS much fun??!!  Impossible.”  Then I spoke to him…

I think we spoke for about an hour.  I felt like I was talking to an old friend, and that we’ve somehow known each other for years.  I told him to check out the website of the venue, and he instantly began planning ideas for different shots in his head, based on the pictures.  I could tell that the wheels in his head were turning, and that he truly loved what he did for a living.  It was refreshing to see someone so passionate about his work, and that passion is evident in his photos.  I signed the contract without hesitation, and just like that, photography became the most exciting and important part of all of my wedding details, because now I had Jean-Marcus.

Since, then I’ve had the luxury of viewing his fan page on Facebook, and all of the wedding photos he posts.  Each and every shot is carefully thought out, and beautifully crafted.  Seeing his work just makes me more and more excited to see what he’s going to come up with at my wedding.  We’ve spoken several times, and I already consider him a friend.  His personality is one of the best I’ve ever come across, and anyone will love him after talking to him for 2 minutes.  I don’t even have to meet him in person to know that everyone at the wedding is going to love being around him.  I know he’s going to leave The Bahamas with a lot of new friends, and a number one fan.


Betsy & Bryce A.

Absolutely amazing. I am beyond happy that my husband and I hired Jean-Marcus to photograph our wedding. He was incredible. Anyone could have taken nice pictures at our wedding if it had been sunny, but it poured rain (it was ridiculous how much it rained). Despite the rain Jean-Marcus took amazing photos. He was constantly looking for beautiful shots inside and undercover. I was so impressed!

My husband, who hates getting his picture taken and was dreading the photo session, loved Jean-Marcus- all of the groomsmen did. I think they ended up taking more photos than the bridesmaids and I. Like the reviewer before me mentioned, he was great at not being in your face all the time. He took candid shots of everything and worked incredibly hard to avoid stiff looking posed shots.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, or any other event, choose Jean-Marcus. We are so happy that we did.


Jenny N. - Destination Wedding

First things first, if A+ was infinity, that’s how much we recommend Jean-Marcus.

I’ve always thought of Jean-Marcus as one of our most fun loving vendors on the forums, always cracking us up and telling it like it is. I finally got to work with him for my wedding and I couldn’t have made a better decision. He was the first vendor I chose before even having a resort. His prices were right and his beautiful work speaks for itself. I knew he’d be perfect for our special day.

Jean-Marcus stayed with us for 5 days (Wednesday through Monday). As soon as we met, it was like we’ve been friends forever. Our friends LOVE him so much, he became a part of us. I introduced him as “Jean, my personal paparazzi” :) He was constantly taking pictures of every moment in the 5 days. I didn’t need to take my camera out once which was great. Not only that, he captured many special moments (JM, Ginger) on video that we’ll never forget. He’s always in a good mood, always has a smile on his face, and ALWAYS making us laugh.

Wedding Day – I spent my entire day with Jean preparing, going over how we wanted the pictures to look, and BSing on BDW haha. He was constantly running around for me between Greg’s room and my mom’s room (where I was getting ready). Always asking if I needed anything, even making me reallllly good mimosas to keep me calm  He knew exactly how to get the best shot from anywhere in the room, always coming up with great ideas. We brainstormed really well together. He was very professional and knew everyone’s name at the wedding! Not bad for 50 guests lol

I was really lucky to view my pics the next morning and let me tell you, they came out GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to show everyone his work.

The morning Jean-Marcus was leaving, we did the TTD. We were supposed to do it Friday afternoon before the wedding but that’s when Greg got his stitches so we had to hold off. Jean met us early in the morning. He was always on time and ready to work. Because of Greg being hurt we didn’t have much to work with since he couldn’t get his stitches wet but Jean-Marcus new exactly how to get the shots I wanted without having to hurt Greg anymore lol We also did some shots of me coming down the kiddy water slide tube thingy at our hotel but in true professional style, Jean came down the slide with me! hahaha So much fun!!

A lot of us got stranded in Cancun due to the weather in Jersey. We went out to our usual hotel bar to do Karaoke. All of my friends said, “Ya know, it’s just not the same without Jean here.” LOL

I cannot thank Jean-Marcus enough for making my wedding week AMAZING and fun and I know Greg & I will definitely stay in touch with him.

I highly recommend him! You won’t be disappointed!


Veronica & John H.

JM was amazing! He exceeded all of our expectations. He has an artistic eye and really captures phenomenal moments. We have had so many complements on our photos and people are just amazed about what he captures. Not only are his pictures absolutely amazing, but he was really an integral part of our wedding day. He kept us on schedule and made sure that he could capture all of the special moments on camera. I don’t think our wedding day would have been such a success without him! All night long guest would come up to me at the wedding and say how amazing he was! I was so thankful to have him. I recommend him to everyone. Will definitely contact him when its time for family photos!


Trisha & Travis M. – Destination Wedding

First of all, for ladies who are wondering you pronounce his name (sean) Jean. I’m just clarifying this b/c unfortunately people in my party were calling him anything from Jean (like billy jean), Sean, John..and he even got a Steve one time! I’m still so sorry for this.

From the moment Brooke and I met JM I knew he would totally fit right in my crowd and that everyone would feel so comfortable with him. He flew in on Wed. and hung out with us and got to know everyone Wed. night. Thursday morning he got up bright and early to go with the guys for their fishing trip. All of the guys raved about him (yeah..GUYS raving about a photographer) and could not stop talking about all of the pictures he took. They also couldn’t stop talking about him puking either..buuuuut! Thursday night he came with us for our rehearsal dinner…he was the only one on time…and was already snapping shots by the time we finally showed up. Throughout dinner he took tons of photos of the family and food. We instantly felt like he was a friend. He even got to witness me almost having a melt down due to a heated debate about the Phillies (my family) and the Red Sox (Trav’s family). He gave us song suggestions (which we totally should have used if given the time!)and suggested that we do a First Look before the wedding which we were both so happy to have done! We offered drinks but he didn’t want any b/c he wanted to be ready for Friday’s events (the wedding). Friday afternoon he met up with me at the hair salon and snapped away nonstop until I was finished….I know he got some awesome black mailing photos in there somewhere during my hair teasing stage!!! He helped me get all of my stuff back to the room (even when his hands were full) and followed me up and down 3 flights of stairs as I frantically tried to find make up and a place to apply since my room was being cleaned and I lost my room key. Thank GOD for him, b/c while everyone was telling me how to apply the different make up I apparently spaced out b/c when it was time I had NO IDEA!! JM is an amazing listener and knew EXACTLY what the girls said so that I could actually put it on correctlyl!!!

If it wasn’t for him we might not have had our rings for the ceremony (Check the safe to be safe!) and even hand delivered them to Travis as the ceremony was starting. After the ceremony he made sure our guests got the pictures taken quickly so that we didn’t get off task and was SO quick to check for any closed eyes (DOH!) or wierd faces. Throughout the reception he didn’t miss A THING!!! If he saw something going on or happening he was there snapping away!! He even got some of the guests to spell out our initials with their bodies…

He stayed with us after the official ceremony and made it to the disco for a bit. He made sure not to stay too late as he knew he had Brooke’s wedding the following day.

With some changes to the itinerary we were not able to make it to the ruins the following Sunday and well…we know what happened to our Ruins trip..however he was so accomodating and even though we were flying out Monday..he totally agreed to make a run down there early Monday morning…and even Monday afternoon back at the resort.

Overall…he’s just AMAZING LADIES!!! My guests loved him (all of the girls had crushes..haha!) and most importantly Travis and I loved him! He’s extremely professional, funny, easy to be around, and extremely extremely talented!!! Although Travis will probably jump on here later to add to this (JM, he totally said he would get on here to write a review for you HIMSELF! That’s saying ALOT coming from a Special Ops man!) I wanted to put in a review for him!!!

We have already recommended to about 5 people…2 of whom are not even in relationships and getting married yet..and I KNOW many of my guests have told me they will want his INFO for wedding pics.

He’s totally underpriced for the amount of work he puts into making sure your pictures/wedding/etc are perfect!

Sooooo basically…Jean Marcus Strole is the SH*T! If you haven’t booked a photographer yet….he’s your man!


Kathy T.

My sister recently got married and as her Maid of Honor I was put in charge of helping her secure a wedding photographer. Jean-Marcus was the perfect wedding photographer for my my sister’s big day. The wedding was in Washington DC, and as Jean-Marcus is based out of Seattle, this was initially a concern for us… but Jean-Marcus quickly won us over with his responsiveness, flexibility and passion for his job. We interviewed him over the phone, and he sold us with his response to why he’s a wedding photographer – that he loved the fact that he gets to capture what is the happiest and most exciting day of a couple’s lives. We developed a great rapport with him and he was extremely responsive to our emails and phone calls.

The day of the wedding he was the first person to arrive. His warm and friendly personality quickly helped us relax in front of the camera and he captured a lot of natural moments while the bridal party got ready. The pictures are amazing; my sister and her husband look beautiful and Jean-Marcus came up with fun suggestions for bridal party poses with results that we loved. During the ceremony and reception he managed to take photos of all of our guests (200+ people). Everytime we look at the photos we are able to relive the memories of that amazing evening. I would recommend Jean Marcus without hesitation to anyone who is getting married.


Connilee & Derek H. – Destination Wedding

Jean-Marcus photographed our wedding week in Kauai, Hawaii. Finding him was a God send. We created a package together where he would photograph the event for 4 days, and Jean-Marcus was able to schedule his flight early so he could hang out with us the day before, and he won us over immediately. In fact, his character blended so seamlessly that our friends & family had no clue he was our wedding photographer! We were very fortunate to find someone who

could, not only capture our wedding day, but our entire wedding week. He truly has an eye for beautiful things. We are definitely keeping his number for future events!


Tia & Nick G.

After an awful experience with another photographer, I did my research and came across Jean Marcus Strole. I emailed him and got a quick response while he was on a zip line in Costa Rica…That was a great first impression. After meeting him in person and seeing his work and the simple fact he took time to get to know my fiance and I really said a lot to me. We are thrilled with our engagement photos and cannot wait to see our wedding pics after our Sept 2011 wedding! He is a true artist and has an eye and strives for the best photos! Not only is he a great photographer, but he is a joy to be around! He is a true professional.


Tamir & Michael D. - Same Sex Marriage

We used Jean-Marcus for our wedding on August 5th 2012. He was quick to respond to questions, sensitive to any questions or concerns we had, and overall very easy to work with.

We originally received his information via a recommendation from our florist. He is extremely reasonably priced and we appreciate that he does not have package prices, instead a fee for his time and expertise. He allows you to choose what book and photos you wished to receive, and pay for them separately as wanted (with discounts for duplicates of the same book). Most other photographers that we had consultations with attempted to place us in different packages that would have forced us to pay for a bunch of items or services that we had no interest in.

During the big day itself, Jean-Marcus was wonderful. He was efficient and precise in his pictures. He was not a man with average photography skills and a nice expensive camera. Rather he was artistic with his photos. He used the beautiful architecture of our venue to the fullest. We loved working with him!!!!


Chanel & Leon B.

Jean-Marcus is so much fun to work with, but is a true professional when it comes to his work. He’s super quick to respond if you have a question, or just want to let him know something. He flew in for our wedding on Aug 20, so being from different areas, we were pleased to feel totally comfortable with our most speacial moments, being in his hands. We talked on the phone and emailed all the details, and everything was perfect! Thank you Jean-Marcus, for being one of the best parts of our special day!!


Kari & Paul C.

Jean-Marcus is beyond talented and fun to work with. He is edgy and creative. I hired him early on in the process and felt taken care of throughout the remainder of the process. He even expedited production for me when I found out my father was dying and did it within a day. He is very good at what he does and would hire him again!!!!


Fatima &  Michael F.

Jean-Marcus is extremely talented, fun, and very laid back. We loved working with him and will use it for all our future photographic needs. He is very reputable and I have not heard a negative comment about him or his work.

He is simply THE BEST


Hillary & John G.

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with hiring Jean-Marcus to photograph our wedding. He was easily accessible and willing to listen to our suggestions throughout the whole process (before, during, and after our wedding). He even brought a second photographer on our wedding day at no extra charge! As for his photography, it speaks for itself. Jean-Marcus provided better service and artistic excellence to our wedding photography than I’m sure other, more exorbitantly-priced photographers could produce. We would without a doubt recommend Jean-Marcus photography for anyone needing a unique and crisp style of photography without the stuffy attitude.


Crista & Corey O.

I don’t think I could possibly say enough good things about JM. He delivered beautiful and artistic pictures that really captured every aspect of our wedding. He was also extremely fun to work with (at the same time being professional). He was able to answer any questions I had before the wedding and also came up with great ideas for beautiful and unique pictures. I couldn’t have imagined working with another photographer. In fact, the whole bridal party loved working with him. Not only does he deliver AMAZING photos (in a timely manner) but his personality is amazing as well.


Judi T.

I worked with Jean-Marcus on our daughter’s wedding last April. He was so much fun and also very talented in the shots that were taken. It has been so hard picking out the best pictures because they all are so good! I would highly recommend him to anyone who doesn’t want the ordinary but the the extraordinary!!!! Thank you, Jean Marcus, for capturing all the best moments of the day!


Donna & Fernando P.

Jean-Marcus’ flexibility and personality helped make the wedding day go smoothly. He met with us multiple times before the wedding to make sure we were happy with all the details. His artistic shots captured the moments of the day.


Stacy & Jason A.

I would recommend this photographer over any thing else I used for my wedding. He was awesome!! We planned to take our pictures at GasWorks park and it started raining on the dryest day of the year. Jean-Marcus was so sympathetic and nice he brought pretty umbrellas for us to take pictures with. He let me try any fun pictures I wanted and also had fantastic ideas of his own. My pictures turned out amazing and he gave us the full disk so we could print them out at our convenience and save money. He was awesome and fun and a fantastic photographer!


Erica & John H.

We cannot offer enough praise for Jean-Marcus not only for the beauty and uniqueness of his photographs but also the extraordinary amount of personal care he puts into your event. Jean-Marcus is extremely easy to work with and has an innate ability to bring out the individuality of each subject he shoots. Not only did our wedding photos turn out beautiful but we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our guests praising his warm and positive attitude. We totally agree and we could not be happier. Thanks Jean-Marcus!


Christine & Kevin R. 

Jean-Marcus was the photographer at our wedding and thanks to him we’ll get to relive those amazing memories for years to come.  Jean-Marcus was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.  Your wedding day can be stressful and because of that you need a photographer who is calm, friendly, and very good at what he does.  Jean-Marcus is all of these things and his creativity and love of photography made for amazing photos that we’ll treasure for years.We enjoyed his work so much in fact that he recently shot our family portraits, which turned out breathtaking.  I would definitely recommend Jean-Marcus for all of your photography needs.


Gail (Mother of Groom)

Dear Jean-Marcus,

Bob and I want to thank you for your un-ending hard work and joyfulness that you brought to Nick and India’s wedding. Every time I looked at you, you were smiling, happy and thinking about your next shot. You are a true professional and such a wonderful person to be around. We were super lucky to have you there to record this special time for our family. Thank you for this gift…

For me, photographs gives meaning to our lives and helps us to reflect on what is important to us. It tells us the truth about our life and shuts out the noise and focuses on that very moment that flashed by so fast. So with a photo we can see that moment in slow motion and have it last for years. Savoring each second of that moment over and over.

Thank you Jean-Marcus for everything. We wish you great success in your career, prosperity, and happiness always.

Warmest regards, Bob & Gail


Megan & Brett

Jean-Marcus was outstanding and the pictures he took at our wedding were absolutely stunning. We trusted him from Day One and are so glad we did!

He was a true professional throughout the entire process. We live on the East Coast so planning our wedding in Seattle was a challenge. Throughout the planning and post wedding Jean-Marcus was always easy to get a hold of whether it was via text, phone, email or even Facebook. He was very prompt in his replies which really put us at ease, as this was not the case with some of the other vendors we had.

The moments he captured with his photography perfectly depict our wedding day. His detail shots before the ceremony and photos of the reception were amazing. We received several compliments from family and friends. He has quite the eye for perfect shots. Some of the photos were so perfectly timed you could capture the most fun and important parts of the day ranging from the vows to the bouquet toss. He seemed to always be in the right spot.

We can not recommend Jean-Marcus enough. If you are willing to pay for high quality and the utmost professional photographer, Jean-Marcus is your guy. Thank you Jean-Marcus, we love our wedding pictures!